for implementation of the process of recognition and validation of previous knowledge and skills acquired in non-formal and informal education

This is the section of the e-RPL application where you may declare your competences in selected occupations (for which e-RPL process is currently available).

You will be guided through the process, to declare your familiarity with the knowledge and skills, defined as a standard amount of competences for a certain level of competence. Please read the defined Knowledge (What should I know?) and Skills (What skill should I have?) for each level of competence.

Here you will need to upload all your documents that may serve as proves for your skills and competences. This may include diplomas from formal education (secondary school, university etc.), certificates from trainings, document proving work experience, acknowledgements and recognition awards – any written prove that confirms your skills and competences. So, keep your important documents ready before you start the process.

Take your time and try to give as much as possible relevant proves for your previous knowledge and skills, that may lead to successful evaluation and receiving a certificate on your competences.

We are VALIDATING your skills!!!

SEEtheSkills eRPL team

Select the occupation below for which you would like to run e-RPL process: