Engineer for design of HVAC systems

for implementation of the process of recognition and validation of previous knowledge and skills acquired in non-formal and informal education

Please read the content of the competence level and tick the box in front of it if you declare that you fulfil the conditions defined as a standard amount of competences. Do not forget to provide a prove for your declared competences, by attaching the corresponding document.

Not ticking the box or if there are no documents provided as a prove will be considered as that level of competence is not achieved. In that case, the evaluation will consider the previous declared level as the highest level of your competences.

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Dear applicant,

Thank you for registering and applying for the e-RPL process of recognition and validation of previous knowledge and skills, acquired in non-formal and informal education, organized within the project SEEtheSkills.

The Evaluation Committee in the frame of the Certification Body of SEEtheSkills will evaluate your application and will provide you with further information through the e-mail within next ten day.

The eventual positive evaluation will lead to validation of your skills and issuing a Certificate and SEEtheSkills Digital Badge showing your skills. The public promotion of the skilled professionals is also one of the advantages of SEEtheSkills certification and is organised through the Professionals register within SEEtheSkills Integrated register of energy skills.

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